Shami Beni currently teaches online *Due to COVID-19* through The Perfect 5th Music Studio located in Mechanicsburg, PA. I have been teaching here since September of 2019!

With this online platform of teaching, I found that students are held more accountable for practicing which has made lessons overall more enjoyable for me and the student!
I currently use Zoom for my online teaching lessons but I am open to using any platform! If you have a preference, we can make it work!

$22: 30 Minute Lessons: https://calendly.com/shamibenimusic/30

$30: 60 Minute Lessons: https://calendly.com/shamibenimusic/60min

You can contact me using my contact form on my website or at shamibenimusic@gmail.com

Teaching Statement

Like most people around the world, I grew up with music all around me. I’ve never been good with words or speaking in general but whenever I played my saxophone for the first time during a concert band performance, a feeling swept over me that I couldn’t put into words. My middle school band director had a big influence over me. He not only taught his students about music but about empathy, humanity and selflessness. Reflecting on my middle school band program experience, I realized how much music education changed my life. 

The skills and experiences I got out of being in band really changed my life for the better. If I didn’t have music education in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. For this reason and countless others, music education is imperative for students to learn. Skills like teamwork, music literacy, critical thinking, active listening and high emotional intelligence are just the few skills gained from a proper music education. Additionally, just as music is assessable for most people in the world, music education should be just as assessable. 

I believe the best learning occurs when students are pushed a little outside their comfort zone. Many of the commonalities that we enjoy today like electricity, the modern car and the internet were all products of people pushing themselves outside their comfort zone in order to achieve what we relish in today. Pushing students within the classroom can take many forms. For example, I could have students in the general music classroom work towards an end goal of creating an original song and mixing it on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Initially this may be intimidating for many students but breaking down this goal into mini-goals will not only create self-motivation within students (intrinsic) but will also nurture growth and a feeling of success by the end result. In my experience, students find interest in teachers working alongside students with certain activities. I am a believer that teachers are still learners and should embrace that within the classroom. Doing so will break that wall between teachers and students thus building a stronger connection with students. 

I believe that if you can learn something then you can teach it. In private lessons with my students, I am keen on having students explain certain concepts back to me to demonstrate understanding of the material. I like formal assessments as well as they give students the opportunity to work towards an overall understanding of concepts. I found that the best teachers I’ve had were great at having students teach and explain concepts as well as participate in activities to demonstrate competency with very few formal assessments. 

Growing up in Philadelphia, I was able to see how teachers executed lessons towards a class of diverse people all across the board.  For me, realizing my classroom population will allow me to adjust my lesson plans so that most, if not all students, can connect their in-class experiences with their out-of-school experiences. Picking diverse repertoire is also something that I will do within the classroom. My lessons plans would also be geared towards students with IEPs, 504s, and online students given that COVID-19 flipped the way teaching occurs within the classroom.

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