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Hello All! I started a podcast! I always wanted to start one and I figured now is a better time than ever! On the podcast, I’ll be talking about music, creativity, education, self-improvement, and loads of other topics! I like to learn new things and hopefully, you will too!

Episode 5: Ryan Havens – Conversations around Metalcore and Rock Fusion Genres The Shami Beni Show

In today's episode, I sit down with my good friend Ryan Havens and talk about Metalcore and different genres within rock fusion.  Ryan Havens is a graduate of Lebanon Valley College with a degree in Music Business. He is currently an intern at Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz (CPFJ) under the direction of Andy Herring. Ryan is an avid listener of music but specifically, metalcore. With his vast knowledge of the genre, I pick his brain about the music and what it means to him.  Follow Ryan:  This episode is brought to you by Anchor. Interested in starting a podcast and making money right away? Choose Anchor. With a seamless and sleek user interface, Anchor offers users publishing of your podcast to media such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many more. You can record and edit your podcast right on the Anchor website as well! Sign up for Anchor today, it's FREE!  Follow Shami:  Instagram: ishamzmusic Facebook: Shami Beni Youtube: Shami Beni Website: Thanks for listening! See you in the next episode! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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